How a person ‘feels’ inside the VR world is the key to unlocking the true potential of the medium.

The technology and tools are important but at the core, it’s all about taking the audience on a journey.

Loving the work and helping our clients explore new possibilities for their audiences is an honor and our mission.

Journey with us as we push the boundaries of immersive storytelling and create experiences that truly do become memories.

Journey with us.

Matthew Celia
Matthew Celia is a passionate creative with over a decade of experience spanning technology, film production and entrepreneurial endeavors. Celia fuses his knack for crafting authentic narratives and technical prowess across all sectors of VR production to create compelling cinematic storytelling. His work has amplified the impact of immersive content for top brands and artists.
Robert Watts
Robert Watts is an early adopter of emerging technologies, and his diverse experience has spanned multiple sectors of entertainment including the agency, management and content development sides of the industry. At Light Sail VR he leverages his wide spectrum of creative and operational capabilities to craft premium-level narratives and characters that engage audiences and fulfill client needs. His ability to understand the innovative power of the immersive space has attracted a roster of top tier clients.
Alex Pearce
Partner | Senior Creative Technologist
Alex oversees the technical side of Light Sail VR including virtual production, photo-real visual effects, 3D pre-visualization as well as augmenting 360 video and real-time game engine development efforts. Alex's many years of experience as an industry thought leader has enabled his success with major clients including Apple, Google, United Airlines, Kia, VMware and the NFL, to name a few.
Josh Helfferich
Post Production Manager
In 2020, Josh joined Light Sail as our Post Production Manager, bringing his wide range of skills in post-production, art, design, motion graphics, and technical implementation to our team. Hailing from Mr. Rogers' neighborhood in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, Josh has been working in Los Angeles as an editor, director, and visual effects artist for over twelve years. He's a modern day jack-of-all-trades and can make anything pretty.
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