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Closet Tours: Ashley Tisdale


For the first time, get an inside peek into Ashley Tisdale's personal closet. Find out her biggest fashion regrets, indulgences, and style tips as Ashley shows off her shoes, sunglasses, favorite t-shirts and more.

About Glamour

Glamour is one of the biggest fashion and beauty media brands in the world, currently reaching an all-time high of one out of eight American women, with 9.7 million print readers, more than 11 million unique monthly users online, and over 14 million followers across social media platforms. Glamour believes in the power of women being themselves and stands with women as they do their own thing: honestly, authentically, and awesomely. Across every platform, Glamour is the ultimate authority for the next generation of changemakers.

  • ClientCondé Nast Entertainment, Glamour
  • CNE ProducersGeorge Wasgatt, Sarah Napier, Jamie Peterson
  • CNE Production ManagerTrevor Worley
  • DirectorMatthew Celia
  • VR ProducerRobert Watts
  • TalentAshley Tisdale
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