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Google Immerse VR videos investigate race, diversity, and identity by exploring how real people interact with the world and how the world interacts with them.

Join two Googlers on their journeys to more deeply understand their racial identity. Google’s Diversity and Inclusion experts help guide the experience, with prompts like: “We all see race… it’s whether or not you choose to embrace it… It might be scary and it might be really, really uncomfortable, but the journey is worthwhile.”

Stand shoulder to shoulder in Virtual Reality with Dezzie, a UX Designer at Google, and Clayton, a Diversity Business Partner at Google, and explore their experiences with race and identity as you travel with them to their childhood homes, to the Google offices where they work, and around the cities of Paris and San Francisco.

Light Sail VR is proud to have partnered with Google for the release of their first original documentary series.

  • ClientGoogle
  • Google Immerse TeamFounder
    Gina Rudan
    EP & Program Manager
    Jeffrey Breau
    Executive Producers
    Liza Patnoe / Dominique Mungin / Ragland Williamson
    Executive Producer
    Hunter Johnson
    Sarah Choi
  • DirectorMatthew Celia
  • VR ProducerRobert Watts
  • WriterKatherine Celia
  • MusicDimitri Smith
  • Editor Chris Willett
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