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Now Your Turn VR180: Arena for the Gods!


Now Your Turn is a brand new show that delivers a brief overview of game mechanics followed by a shortened live play of your favorite games using VR180 to fully immerse you in the 3D experience when wearing a VR headset. It’s like you are sitting at the table, playing games with your favorite Geek & Sundry talent!

Welcome to the ARENA of the ALL-POWERFUL! Join host Ivan Van Norman in VR180 with special guests, Alison Haislip and Jovenshire fighting an epic battle in this strategic game from IELLO filled with divine weapons, magic and equipment!

A Light Sail VR Original in partnership with Geek & Sundry and Google

  • DirectorMatthew Celia
  • VR ProducerRobert Watts
  • TalentIvan Van Norman / Alison Haislip / Joshua Ovenshire
  • Geek & Sundry Teamproducers
    Sean Becker / Maxwell James / T.J. Rotell
    production coordinator
    Dani Carr
    Senior Enterprise Portfolio Manager
    Taralyn Frasqueri-Molina
    Executive Director, Distribution & Programmer
    James Miller
    Director, business & legal affairs
    Amanda Sanchez
  • Google TeamExecutive Producer
    Kevin Custer
    Associate Producer
    Nick Cicchetti
    Business Development
    Julia Hamlton-Trost
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