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Reggie Watts "Runnin"


Step into a neighborhood record store and be transported into a retro-future world in this VR experience that sends you into a surreal, high-energy, interactive dance party, driven by Reggie Watts’s and John Tejada’s music track “Runnin’.” Pushing the boundaries of volumetric capture, dancers invite players to find a way to activate the magical jamboree around them and bring the dance floor to life through movement.

Light Sail VR converted this interactive 6DoF experience into a ‘directed’ 3DoF experience for a festival run, as well as additional distribution.

  • ClientIntel Studios
  • Written ByKiira Benzing
  • Directed ByKiira Benzing
  • Executive ProducersReggie Watts, Kiira Benzing, Sarah Vick, Dave Smiddy, Diego Prilusky
  • Produced ByAdam Rogers, Ana Miren Achaval
  • ChoreographyAmy O'Neal, Ani Taj
  • Developed By Daniel Rivas Perpén, Blake Lucas, Tim Lobes, Ryan McGee, Sagar Patel
  • Post Production 3DoF ConversionLight Sail VR
  • Post Production Conversion ProducerFifer Garbesi
  • TalentReggie Watts, John Tejada, Amy O'Neal, Ani Taj, Kate Berlant, Ben Schwartz
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