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Jacob Collier
"Make Me Cry" 360


Go on a magical journey inside the debut single from Jacob Collier's Djesse Vol. 2 with this incredibly fun and immersive music video featuring Jacob Collier exploring a storybook style world as he sings and interacts with multiple versions of himself.

Filmed with a RED Helium Camera system, we were able to bring out a cinematic depth to the stylistic theatrical lighting that usually isn't possible with traditional VR camera systems. Additionally, we took the 8K 360 video and generated a fun 2D director's cut video with additional immersive only style effects for a truely unique look.

  • Co-DirectorMATTHEW CELIA
  • Co-DirectorJacob Collier
  • CinematographerJOHN CALABRESE
  • Production DesignerKENDRA BRADANINI
  • Lighting DirectorSOHAIL NAJAFI
  • TalentJacob Collier
  • VR ServicesLight Sail VR
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