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VR NDI is a product that helps you use your VR headset to view full 360 in your favorite programs like Premiere Pro, DaVinici Resolve, After Effects, and more! It takes any NDI feed and delivers the correct VR projection, both in monoscopic, stereoscopic, VR180 and VR360 formats. Also works with Oculus Quest through Oculus Link, wired or wireless and Oculus Rift.
ueBlender is a set of USD tools for Blender to Unreal. It uses USD as the export format and adds quick export functions and shortcuts to keep you focusing on your art.

ueBlender comes packed with ueShorcuts, an advanced keymap for Blender that mimics Unreal’s navigation and keyboard shortcuts.
AP Octane 2.0
AP Octane V2 is an addon for Blender, that is meant to help you on your Octane for Blender journey.

There are many helpful shortcuts for commonly used render settings, passes, links to videos and documentation, Vectron™ Objects, Scatter on Surface Object, Displacement examples and more
LS HDRi Pack 1
LS HDRi Pack 1 is a high quality pack of 20 HDRis, photographed, processed and set up by us for Blender Cycles and Octane for Blender.
MaterialX Pack 1: Cycles & Eevee
MaterialX Pack 1: Cycles & Eevee is a pack of 50 materials for use in Blender.

All of our material packs, including this one, are set up so that you can export to other programs like Unreal, Unity or wherever. For MaterialX, we had to bake out roughness, metallic and AO maps in order for them to export to other programs properly.
UE Shortcuts for Blender
UE Shortcuts is an addon for Blender that transforms the keymap to match Unreal, where possible.

The most important thing to realize is that this will allow you to navigate with Right mouse, WASD, just like in Unreal! Part of this addon is a custom Keymap, but there is a larger part that are scripted commands to do things not built into Blender by default.
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