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Eli Roth’s Haunted House: Trick-VR-Treat

Crypt TV

From the twisted mind of Eli Roth, and starring Vanessa Hudgens as you’ve never seen her before, Meta invites you to step inside the “Dollhouse” for a 180˚ virtual nightmare. Light Sail VR partnered with horror masters Crypt TV, Eli Roth, and Cream Productions to create this 180 virtual reality horror experience for Meta that takes viewers on a Halloween adventure that goes horrifically awry — culminating in a frighteningly immersive haunted house.

The “Trick-VR-Treat” story unfolds from the POV of a teenager in the most exciting Halloween neighborhood in town, who is invited inside the infamous haunted Dollhouse by a mysterious young woman dressed as a fairy (Hudgens). Viewers then enter a living nightmare inside the now-decrepit former home of the Dollmaker, who years ago made toys for all the neighborhood children. But the glue she used was toxic, and everyone who played with the toys died — including her own two daughters.

Click below to watch this experience in headset:

  • CLIENTCrypt TV / Meta
  • Writer / Director / Producer Eli Roth
  • Producers - Crypt TV Jack Davis
    Darren Brandl
    Jeremy Elliott
  • Producers - Cream Productions Kate Harrison Karman
    David Brady
  • Producers - Light Sail VR Matthew Celia
    Robert Watts
  • VR Production & Post-Production Services byLight Sail VR
  • Editor Chris Willett
  • Talent Vanessa Hudgens
    Will Sasso
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